Comparison Modular Farm Facts vs. Cargo Container

Modular Farms are purpose-built, pre-fabricated grow chambers fitted with high-end, custom components. Scaling model includes at least seven complimentary units to scale crop diversity and safety as well as manage water, energy and waste.

R-Value of Insulation

Modular Farms are built with climate controls and efficiency ratings of R-value of 21.30 – 28.40. Cargo containers are about 1/2 this at R-12.

Warranty Information

Our modules are standard with a 2 year warranty.

Climate Control Systems

Our modules are equipped with a commercial grade, dual-stage, 2-4 ton cooling, duct-distributed air management system. This offers 212 litre per day de-humidification.

Crop Yield

55 – 70 kgs of vegetation per week

Labor Usage

15-20 hours per week

Water Usage

10-40 litres per day

Energy Usage

220-300 kWh per day

Plant Yield

Example: 3,840 plant sites (lettuce)