local food champions lfc giai fest wakefield quebec

Local Food Champions is Attending Gaia Fest Wakefield Quebec

We are what we eat, healthy food and a nutritious diet is all part of mental and physical well-being. The organizers of Gaia Fest know these principles well. Described as a fusion of music, art, movement, and breath, Gaia Fest is an event geared to mental and physical well-being. Local Food Champions is attending Gaia Fest and we’re bringing examples of the freshest produce available in today’s marketplace.

Aside from providing microgreens to festival-goers. LFC will also be holding education talks to raise awareness about the current issues facing our food system, and about the importance of nutrient-rich produce. As well as a workshop showing the dos and don’ts of growing microgreens, LFC will be discussing the benefits of producing microgreens as a part-time or full-time business opportunity.

Our locally grown microgreens are grown with love from ecological seeds and absolutely no pesticides. These locally grown, extremely tasty, little greens are beneficial to your health and the planet. How? LFC microgreens contain up to 40 times more vitamins compared to their fully matured counterpart, and because the distance the food has to travel to your table is reduced, they use only a fraction of the resources of conventional agriculture.