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We are at your service to create farming modules  for  small communities to large commercial deployments.

lfc introduces

the micromint

The future of farming has arrived. The only portable microgreens farm on the market.

Built focused on the small hold farmer. Local Food Champions offers different levels of support
and equipment options for all levels of skill and deployment locations.  Farms free of pesticide crop yields and profits unaffected by incremental weather or excessive food miles.  Rejuvenating local
economies through the empowerment of the small hold farmer.

Built with food and farmer safety in mind  Operations maximized to its fullest potential.

The root of the problem

30 Billion

Amount spent on food waste per year.  The lions share belongs to fruits and vegetables

21 Million

Tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions due to food waste.

1 in 6

Roughly 1 in 6 Americans get sick from food poisoning more than 25% due to green leafy vegetables.

The current methods used, distance fruits and vegetables travel before reaching us increasing the cost to consumers by up to 6%/yr

Multiple points of contact and improper handling procedures have caused lettuce recalls and illnesses. This risk and loss of quality that increases our cost of living.


What you get

At Local Food Champions, we are champions first.

From individuals and families, just starting up or looking for a hobby or ready for retirement.

We are all different but one thing is for sure we are happy to lift up our medium so you can check out our roots.

A proven business model that generates a strong return, with as little as 15 hours a week.

A controlled environment growing module giving you all the ability to grow all year long.

Grow with a network of farmers to ensure best practices and combined buying power to increase efficiency and profits.

Minimal capital investments for big returns and entry into a growing market projected to double by 2025.

First steps to becoming a champion

Being a Local Food Champion means something different for all of us LFC realizes that and will do everything in our power to turn your local food dreams into a reality.


Let’s have a chat to discuss timelines, marketing and establish all that you need to succeed. 

Purchase and Delivery

After purchasing the Micromint you will receive the full support suite and access to the LFC farming and distribution network.

Start right away

Deliver, plugin and get growing. Farm arrives with a starter pack and all you need to start growing the day it arrives.  

What's the word on the street

At Local Food Champions, it is our promise to you that you will never grow alone. We are a call or click away 24 hours a day.

It has been a world of difference since changing to the LFC product and support team. Thank you LFC
Grant Anderson
Owner/ Better Fresh Farms
Because of your generosity, our students will be able to explore and learn more about the diverse realm of indoor farming.
Dr. Bubba Longgrear
Superintendent/Candler County Board of Education
Eating them actually increases happiness levels for me! What a fantastic experience - it is a true highlight of the Gaia fest weekend.
Reiki Healer and local food movement advocate

The root of the farm

What is the cost?

The base model is everything you need to start your successful microgreens operation.

Different starter supply packs available depending on needs and skill levels.

  • Fully Turnkey
  • Stocked and ready to go
  • Sales and Marketing Support to ensure steady positive growth
  • Continual training, support  and improvements to optimize farm production as new tech emerges.

the micromint
your gateway to indoor farming

Additional Options

  • Solar and off grid power
  • Automation
  • Cloud Access
  • LFC Farm assistant
  • Branding
  • Sales support and Training
  • Master Farmer
  • Farm Monitoring

Choose your path